Kleine Anti-Nato Demo am Alexanderplatz am 04.08.2012



US President Barack Obama has signed a secret order [and since over 6 months ago] allowing the CIA and other American agencies to
support rebels seeking to overthrow the Assad regime, a US government source told Reuters



Das ZDF berichtet endlich das was wir seit 17 Monaten versuchten zu vermitteln.



Syria News 5 August 2012. Chasing Gulf and Turkish Militias in Aleppo, three snipers killed


The Western media is covering - or more accurately, "spinning" - an unfolding sectarian genocide in Syria's largest city Aleppo. In the alleys of seized streets, FSA terrorists are detaining, torturing, and killing anyone suspected of supporting the government. Such suspicions coincidentally run along sectarian divisions. By using the label "Shabiha" for all of FSA's victims, the Western press has given a carte blanche to genocidal sectarian extremists and by doing so, has become complicit in war crimes themselves.

Christians in Syria have been particularly hit hard by what is being described as "ethnic cleansing," not by Syrian security forces, but by NATO-backed death squads under the banner of the "Free Syrian Army." The LA Times has been quietly reporting on the tragedy of Syria's minorities at the hands of the Syrian rebels for months - and indicates that wider genocide will take place, just as it is now in Libya, should Syria's government collapse under foreign pressure.

Massacres in Aleppo, Syria

"Responsibility to Protect" crumbles as Western-armed terror front slaughters civilians while foreign sponsors attempt to tie hands of Syrian security forces.
by Tony Cartalucci Saturday, August 4, 2012


Fotomontage als journalistisches Stilmittel

MEDIENgedanken: Der Syrien-Konflikt und die tonangebenden Leitmedien
Von Karin Leukefeld, Damaskus


Syrien: Konspirationszentrale Berlin Wilmersdorf

Die Zentrale der Konspiration gegen Syrien sitzt hier. Hier wird ausgeheckt, was die deutschen "Freunde Syriens" Merkel und Westerwelle, die Freunde der Söldnerbanden, die Syrien traktieren wie die Soldnerbanden des 30jährigen Kriegs, dann als deutsche Nahost-Aussenpolitik exekutieren.

Der Think Tank,der die konzeptionelle Vorarbeit der Beihilfe zur Zerstörung Syriens liefert, ist die SWP - Stiftung für Wirtschaft und Politik. ...